About Us


Backed by a proud heritage of product innovation, technological expertise and market leadership, Flexpack Chemicals (FPC) S.A.E. is dedicated to working in partnership with its customers to solve today’s application issues and the challenges that lie ahead.  Flexpack Chemicals is manufacturing and delivering innovative, high quality ink, adhesives, specialty chemicals, variety of coatings that add higher value to printed materials and processes.


Global Markets

On a scale of large or small, Flexpack Chemicals is both. A large player with the capacity to serve the global markets, yet small enough to focus on your unique needs.

Customize Products

Our Sales team work in close co-ordination with our vastly knowledgeable team of Research scientists, Chemists, technicians and your application engineers to define an customize products that work for you.

Product Quality

The strength, knowledge and state-of-the art infrastructure with the dedication of formulating the right solutions that exceed the performance needs of your product to help solve your toughest challenges.

High Technology

Sourcing form an acknowledged industry player, Flexpack Chemicals will be the most cost-effective and productive route to ink and adhesives purchasing, as our sales and technical support team is professionally trained in ink and adhesive technology, application equipment and cost reduction evaluations.